New Features and Deaf Experts!

I am thrilled to tell you about some major upgrades to that happened August 15, 2016.

ASLdeafined has been undergoing an “Extreme” makeover during the exhaustive past four months.  These changes are now live.  The results are spectacular, and I am very pleased to share this announcement with you.  I want to invite you to review the results, as some of these changes are simply spectacular, designed for your optimum learning experience.

One of the most important changes features an all-Deaf instructional team executing the signs.  I solicited the help of the Deaf community to share their skills and knowledge to produce these awesome video lessons.  You will relish the opportunity to get to know these 6 amazing Deaf individuals.  In addition to this change, check out some of the additional changes, and information below:

What new additions will you see on

  • Four distinct levels (you will see the level tags under lessons)
  • Sign variations in the dictionary, just under the synonyms
  • Handshape reinforcement
  • Handshape category feature
  • Grammar instruction and activities
  • Expressive section with English and ASL translations
  • Double the number of lessons.
  • 15,000 + words video dictionary
  • Exposure to 6 Deaf experts
  • Deaf jokes
  • Receptive skills challenges
  • Classifier lessons
  • Handshape lessons
  • Exceptional School Discount Program
  • Full site free trial

Here is what hasn’t changed on

  • Theme Lessons
  • Post-Lesson Retention Exercises
  • Immediate Activity Scores and Feedback
  • Individualized Progress Chart (Progress monitoring made easy)  
  •  Personalized Dashboard
  • Fingerspelling
  • Customizable Vocabulary List
  • Concept Words (Multiple Meaning Words)
  •  Information on Deaf Culture
  • ASL Grammar
  • Discounts for schools / teachers
  • Track student’s progress (for teachers)

I would like to personally invite you back to, to see all of our new features.  You will be thrilled at the changes we’ve made, along with many additions to enhance your skill level in ASL.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest regards,

Paul Fugate

Founder of


Running Out of Time

It is a rare day in this modern world when we feel like we actually have some spare time. Many attribute it to the fact that the lines between work and leisure are blurred with the increase in portable technologies that always leave us on call in a way. This can be both a positive and a negative. Sure, it is convenient to have the ability to take care of personal and professional business on the go. On the other hand, you can begin to feel like the hamster on the wheel who just keeps going around and around but never truly stops long enough to take anything in.

For those of us at ASLdeafined, we see how this can both help and hinder your sign language learning. If you have a few minutes to fill you might be inspired to learn a new ASL word or continue your progress with one of our lessons. Then again, you might just want to let your mind rest a minute between other tasks. We see both perspectives and strive to create content that can fit varying needs in this fast-paced world. The main thing we hope you take away from it is a sense of fun and accomplishment.

So you didn’t find the time you thought you would to move forward in your learning this week? Give yourself a break. There is always time to learn something new. Try not to let your goals guilt you into stopping completely. If necessary, just readjust! We are here to support you in any way we can, even if it is just cheering you on when you feel rushed.

For additional reading on How To Find More Time, consider clicking on the title and reading a New York Times opinion piece on the topic.


What’s for lunch today?

How about a side of American Sign Language?

In case you weren’t already aware, ASLdeafined offers an extensive video vocabulary!

If subscribing to one of our lesson packages isn’t quite what you are looking for on the menu today, consider gaining access to our 15,000+ word dictionary for only $6/month! This allows new learners the opportunity to test the ASL buffet, or those who have gotten rusty in their skills the chance to grab a wordy snack to get them back on track. You can also customize your list and replay it as needed to solidify your learning. Our service includes synonyms as well, which can sometimes be challenging in sign language.

We strive to keep things current, so the dictionary is constantly being updated. Subsequently, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected] with any suggestions you have for words you would like to see included. You can also reach us on Twitter, Facebook and Linked by searching ASLdeafined.

We hope you choose a sweet  ASL treat for dessert today.

You’ve made it past Monday, you deserve it! 


What is ASLdeafined about?

Education. Communication. Connection. Inclusion.

ASLdeafined was founded on the simple philosophy that learning American Sign Language (ASL) is a rewarding way for people to exercise their brain, improve communication with others, make connections with new people and, most importantly, take another step toward a more inclusive world.

If you have ever seen ASL in action, there is no denying that it is a beautiful language, and like other languages, it deserves our respect and attention.

ASLdeafined has been committed to educating people interested in learning this unique and vital form of communication for 8 years now. Today we are more determined than ever to take things up a notch and better support the variety of populations we serve… the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, ASL programs in K-12 public and private schools, college and university interpreters-in-trainingcompanies or organizations looking to foster a more thoughtful culture – and beyond!

We recognize that every business claims this in their own way, but we hope you know just how sincerely and strongly we feel about improving the lives of our subscribers. ASLdeafined heartily welcomes any individuals interested in learning ASL for any reason. It is just as important to us to provide challenging materials for advanced learners as it is to encourage beginners.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our FREE 3-day trial or dive right in with one of our currently discounted subscriptions. We look forward to seeing what you have to say!

Deaf Popular Culture

In our blogs we have often used the term Deaf Culture, but that takes on a little different meaning if you just add the word “Pop” in between. There are certain very recognizable celebrities in Deaf Pop Culture, such as the famous actress Marlee Matlin, who has starred in a successful film version of Children of a Lesser God (1986), originally published as a play in 1980 by Mark Medoff. Marlee has also been featured in several TV shows, including recent reality hits like The Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars. Speaking of Children of the Lesser God, actress Phyllis Frelich won a Tony Award for her role in the stage production. Do you want to know what else is incredible? Lou Ferrigno, American actor and body builder, well known for his role as the Incredible Hulk in the 1970’s and 80’s is also a Deaf individual.

Those in the Deaf community are more likely to know the name of I. King Jordan, but hearing people should learn more about this first Deaf president of Gallaudet University and the interesting history surrounding it (our next set of blogs will focus on history, so you may see more on that here too). Additionally, Heather Whitestone is worth noting for being the first Deaf woman to win the title of Miss America!  So what is stopping you from digesting that next American Sign Language (ASL) lesson? You never know when you might run into the next stage or screen star in the Deaf community.

Features of ASLdeafined

There are numerous American Sign Language websites online.  And, you may not know which website to use.  Here at ASLdeafined, we try to meet the needs of all our users.  Listed below are many of our wonderful features we offer to every subscriber.  If there is something you would like to see on our site, please send us an email.  We would be glad to consider it.  Our email address is [email protected].

Features of Video technology – 21st Century

  • Themed Lessons(140 + lessons) – 24/7 (always online)
    • 15 words per lesson
    • 4 retention exercises
    • New lessons added frequently – continuously evolving
  • Periodic Quizzes and Reviews
    • Constantly reviewing learned vocabulary and concepts
  • Individualized progress chart(students have their own username and password)
    • Every completed activity is scored and recorded
    • Instant feedback from completed activities
    • Excellent for progress monitoring
  • Fingerspelling
    • Starts off with 3-letter words and goes to 8-letter words (increase in speed)
    • Detect fingerspelling within an ASL phrase
  • Spelling (English – unscramble the word activity)
  • ASL grammar lessons
    • ASL to English
    • English to ASL
  • Deaf Culture and history
  • Story time
    • with comprehension questions
    • Based on learned vocabulary
  • Customizable vocabulary bank
    • Over 10,000 words to choose from
  • Synonyms with words(ASL is based on concept)
    • One sign could have multiple synonyms (car:  automobile, vehicle, transportation)
  • Automatic vocabulary review (based on customized vocabulary bank)
  • Customizable favorite pages
    • Favorite lessons
    • Favorite pages
    • Favorite activities
  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Multiple meaning words(Concept words)
    • Multiple meaning word activity  – checking for comprehension
  • ASL syntax / grammar
  • Classifiers
    • Samples of how to use classifiers
  • Common phrases used in ASL
  • Non-manual markers

Word of the Day!

To learn any language, it is important to constantly learn vocabulary.  When learning American Sign Language, we encourage you to learn as much as possible.  At ASLdeafined, we have about 9,000 + words in our ASL Video Dictionary, with synonyms.  Our dictionary is one-of-a-kind!

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American Sign Language Dictionary

An American Sign Language dictionary can be of great benefit.  Many people have emailed us asking about our ASL dictionary.  Our American Sign Language dictionary is pretty extensive with 9,000 + video words.  In addition, ASLdeafined has incorporated synonyms next to the base words.  As many of you already know, one sign can have many meanings in the English language.  Also, if there is a word that is not in our dictionary that you would like to know how it is signed, you can request it to ASLdeafined.   Finally, if you have feedback about our ASL dictionary, please email us your comments.   We are always receptive to your comments and concerns.

Using ASLdeafined as a Resource

ASLdeafined was established to eliminate the deficiency in English skills among deaf students.  It also serves as another avenue for parents of deaf children to enhance their knowledge and skills in regards to American Sign Language (ASL).  Additionally, ASLdeafined was created to allow those wishing to learn sign language, to learn it online, with 24/7 access.

 ASLdeafined has benefited a countless number of individuals in their quest to learn American Sign Language.  Listed below is a partial list of some of the features of this ever-expanding resource, and a partial list of those who use our website:

 Features of ASLdeafined:

  • Themed lessons (ASL video technology)
  • Retention exercises
  • Individualized progress chart
  • ASL story time lessons with comprehension questions
  • Fingerspelling practice and lessons
  • Multiple meaning word lessons
  • American Sign Language (ASL) grammar
  • English to ASL lessons
  • ASL quiz lessons
  • ASL vocabulary review lessons
  • 9,000 + video dictionary with synonyms
  • Much more

 Who Uses 

  • Public and private schools
  • American Sign Language clubs
  • Church organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Home schools
  • Daycares
  • Girl and Boy scouts
  • Future interpreters for the deaf
  • Parents with deaf children
  • Deaf students
  • Teachers for the deaf
  • College classes of American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Community members
  • Deaf schools
  • Interpreting agencies
  • Current interpreters