Rejuvenate your ASL Program with ASLdeafined!

The impressive and growing popularity of American Sign Language is sweeping the nation and schools are desperate to keep up with student demand- but are they choosing the best curriculum? Ask yourself these questions:   1. What materials are used?  A standard ASL curriculum includes some books and few DVDs with demonstrations of ASL at […]

Readmore New Features and Deaf Experts!

I am thrilled to tell you about some major upgrades to that happened August 15, 2016. ASLdeafined has been undergoing an “Extreme” makeover during the exhaustive past four months.  These changes are now live.  The results are spectacular, and I am very pleased to share this announcement with you.  I want to invite you to review the results, as some of […]


It’s All in Your Face!

American Sign Language (ASL) has many unique attributes that helps signers with the understanding of expressed thoughts and ideas, such as the usage of facial expressions.  Now, not everyone will have their “face” (facial expressions) on all of the time.  However, the more expressions you exhibit, the greater the chance your message will be understood. […]


Can You Guess the Fingerspelled Word?

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Guess this phrase

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