American Sign Language Tips / Practice

To be or….nope, not to be

One of the most interesting and unique parts of ASL is the fact that the verb “to be” is absent from the language.  This is something that you have already learned, but may not be aware that you know. For example: The sentence “I am going to the store” is signed as “STORE I GO”.  […]

Ways to Practice Your Signing Skills

Although you may feel that you are making some progress, sometimes it is easy to get rusty or run out of ideas for how you can improve your signing skills. Rather than repetitive activities, why not try something new and have fun at the same time? The more straightforward ways would be to watch ASL […]

Dedication to Learning ASL

Everyone’s heard the expression, “A job worth doing, is worth doing well.”  Here at ASLdeafined, we also believe that “Your dedication to completing that job is your guarantee that you will achieve tremendous results.” When committing yourself to a task, make that commitment using realistic goals.  Many people will declare their intent to lose 10 pounds a […]

New Feature on Blog…

Mercy and I are pleased to announce a new feature to our blog.  If you viewed the most recent post that happened to be a question from a reader titled, “Is there such a thing as a “dominant” and “non-dominant hand-rule?”, you may have noticed the dotted underlined words.  Did your get the best of […]

Socializing With the Deaf Community

ASLdeafined offers the tools for you to learn vocabulary, sentence structure, fingerspelling, numbers, multiple meaning words, ASL grammar, etc.  While learning all of this information, it is also imperative that learners interact with the Deaf community. There should be a number of deaf events in your area for you to attend year-round.  Look online to […]