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Where do we go from here?

There are many reasons that a person could decide to learn ASL, but one of the greatest benefits is being able to interact with the Deaf community.  Naturally I can only speak from experience with my regional Deaf community, but it seems that there are some traits that are universal.  Besides finding a group of […]

Deaf Dogs?

Perhaps in a future blog entry we will extend the topic of deafness to the animal kingdom. For this entry, we wanted to highlight what the animal kingdom does for the Deaf. As you may have guessed, there are indeed service dogs for the Deaf. Paws with a Cause is one of the organizations that […]


Our last few blogs had to do with taking advantage of online tutoring and hopefully inspiring you through humor to finally learn American Sign Language. Yet, let’s say you already know American Sign Language as a deaf person in a hearing world… what then? Many of you may have wondered how deaf people arrange interpreters […]

LIVE ONLINE TUTORING! Coming to a computer near you…

Since we just released the news that we have now gone mobile, it seems appropriate to blog about something even more exciting… our American Sign Language online tutoring program! This is a unique opportunity for ASL learners to connect live with an expert. Now you can accelerate your progress with our website lessons by working […]

Ipad + ASLdeafined = Compatibility

ASL Deafined is now iPad friendly! Of course, we’ve always been friendly toward iPads and any other new technologies, but we’re VERY excited to announce that can now be smoothly interacted with on a tablet device. It is a portable sign language tutor in your bag! No excuses for delaying on your next lesson […]

Certified American Sign Language Interpreters

There are definite advantages to learning sign language for anyone interested in becoming more involved in the deaf community, but many may not realize the broad range of opportunities for professional interpreters. Much of the public may think that certified interpreters simply sign for speeches or perhaps at a school for the deaf, but there […]

Question From a Subscriber: Why Doesn’t ASLdeafined Work on the I-Pad?

Recently, we received an email from a subscriber asking why ASLdeafined doesn’t work with the I-pad.  With that concern, I immediately contacted Apple to find out why Adobe Flash wasn’t installed on the I-pad.  I also inquired about the possibilities of Adobe Flash being installed on future models of their Tablet.  The gentlemen informed me […]

Myths About American Sign Language (ASL)

Myth #1:  American Sign Language is Universal. American Sign Language is not universal.  This myth is often shared by the majority of the hearing community.  American Sign Language is learned by the majority of the Deaf community in North America.  In addition, there are other countries that have adopted American Sign Language as their form […]

American Sign Language Fingerspelling Strategies and Techniques

Using American Sign Language for fingerspelling can be difficult to master. Most people who learn ASL seem to have a problem receptively and expressively with fingerspelling.  Also, many times when a person starts to fingerspell, he/she tenses up and becomes unable to use it properly, while others avoid using fingerspelling altogether, and instead, they invent […]

Emailed Question: Does ASLdeafined Offer American Sign Language Lessons for Young Children?

Yes.  ASLdeafined offers American Sign Language (ASL) lessons for all ages.  We specifically have lessons for daycare aged children.  Additionally, we have ASL lessons for beginners to the most advanced signers. Listed below are types of people who have already joined ASLdeafined: Deaf students Parents with deaf children Future American Sign Language interpreters Current ASL […]